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Racing Parts and Accessories

Lukovich Racing Engines carries a large variety of racing accessories from tools to hard core engine parts. If you don't see something listed here that you're needing make sure and give us a call we probably have it in stock.


Racing Engine Interal Parts

Piston Rings
Sealed Power Ring Sets
   Cast Iron Replacement Rings
   Small and Big Block 5/64-5/64-3/16"
from $39.95
Total Seal SBC - Classic Ring Sets 
   Small Block 4.030" - 4.185" Bore 1/16 - 1/16 - 3/16
from $89.95
   Big Block 4.250" - 4.600" Bore 1/16 - 1/16 - 3/16
from $99.95
Ackerly & Childs Extreme Duty Ring Sets for All Power Adders
Tool Steel and HTD (High Temper Ductile)
   Tool Steel Top Ring Sets
from 252.95
   Hell Fire (HTD) Top Ring Sets
from 149.95
Wrist Pins
Wrist PinsWrist Pins



   STD Carbon Steel SBC & BBC
$7.95 ea
   Chrome Moly .150 wall SBC & BBC
$8.95 ea
   Chrome Moly .180 wall NOS, SBC & BBC
$9.95 ea
   Hi Nickel Endurance SBC & BBC
$19.95 ea
H-13 Tool Steel
Great for Turbo, Blown or NOS Applications!
   SBC .927 Straight Wall
$20.95 ea
   BBC .990 Straight Wall
$21.95 ea
   Chry 1.031" Straight Wall
$23.95 ea
   Chry 1.094" Straight Wall
$24.95 ea
Clevite Engine Bearings
Clevite 77 Small Block Rod Bearings
$2.59 ea
   M77CB663HN or HN-1
$7.99 ea
$9.79 ea
Clevite 77 Small Block Main Bearings
$24.99 st
$58.99 st
$43.99 st
$55.99 st
$62.99 st
Clevite 77 Big Block Rod Bearings 
$4.49 ea
   M77CB743HN or HN-1
$9.99 ea
$13.99 ea
   M77CB743HN-9 or 19 (New - .010 or .020 Under
Extra Clearance)
$10.99 ea
Clevite 77 Big Block Main Bearings 
$31.99 st
$73.99 st
$92.95 st
   M77MS829H-9 or 19 (New - .010 or .020 Under
   Extra Clearance)
$82.99 st
Racing Gaskets
Racing Head Gaskets
   Fel Pro SBC .041
from $38.99 ea
   Fel Pro BBC .041
from $40.99 ea
   Fel Pro SBF .041
from $38.99 ea
Copper Head Gaskets 
   SCE SBC .043
from $106.95 pr
   SCE BBC .043
from $106.95 pr
   (add Titan self sealing option)
Add $40.00
Intake Gaskets 
   Fel Pro SBC
from $12.99 pr
   Fel Pro BBC
from $14.99 pr
   Fel Pro SBF
from $14.99 pr
from $9.99 pr
from $10.95 pr
Valve Cover Gaskets 
   Mr. Gasket SBC
from $9.95 pr
   Mr. Gasket BBC
from $10.95 pr
   Mr. Gasket SBF
from $9.95 pr
from $10.95 pr
from $11.95 pr
   Blue Steel Core Silicone SBC & BBC
from $39.99 pr
Connecting Rods
BME Aluminum Rods (Bill Miller Engineering)
from $1125.99 st
from $1325.99 st
from $1125.99 st
GRP Aluminum Rods 
from $849.99 st
from $995.99 st
Oliver Billet Rods 
   Oliver SBC
from $1299.99 st
   Oliver BBC
from $1399.99 st
Manley H Beam Rods
   Manley SBC
from $629.99 st
   Manley BBC
from $745.99 st
Eagle 3D Rods
from $429.99 st
from $459.99 st
Racing Crankshafts
Eagle Forged 4340 Steel
from $633.99
from $798.99
from $665.99
   SBC Sledge Series
from $850.99
   BBC Racer Series
from $1259.99
   SBC Pro Series
from $1395.99
   BBC Pro Series
from $1495.99
   SBC Dragonslayer
from $899.99
   SBC Magnum
from $1555.99
   BBC Dragonslayer
from $999.95
   BBC Magnum
from $1585.99
   BBC 4.9 B/S 4.750" or 5.000" Stroke Magnum
from $1995.99
   BBC 5.0 B/S 5.375" or 5.500" Stroke Compstar
from $1495.99
JE Pistons
   SBC Domed
from $665.99 st
   BBC Domed
from $739.99 st
   SBF Domed
from $665.99 st
   CUSTOM Domed
from $835.99 st
SRP Pistons 
   SRP SBC Flat Top
from $550.99 st
   SRP BBC Domed
from $641.99 st
Wiseco Pistons
   PRO TRU SBC (includes rings)
from $559.99 st
   PRO TRU BBC (includes rings)
from $649.99 st
from $610.99 st
from $699.99 st
from $797.99 st
Diamond Pistons
Ross Pistons
Venolia Pistons
Oil Pumps
Moroso Oil PumpsCast Moroso
New Design - Heavy Duty Casting!
   MOR22124 Small Block Chevy w/welded pickup
$86.99 ea
   MOR22100 Small Block Chevy w/o pickup
$58.99 ea
   MOR22185 Big Block Chevy HV w/welded pickup
$107.99 ea
   MOR22160 Big Block Chevy w/o pickup
$81.99 ea
MOR22163 Billet Oil PumpBillet Moroso
   MOR22171 Billet Small Block Chevy
$359.99 ea
   MOR22163 Billet, BBC High-Volume/Hi-Pressure
    fits 8" deep pans
$413.99 ea
   MOR22167 Billet Gerotor BBC
$469.99 ea
   TITCGM1100 Cast Big Block w/pickup
$449.99 ea
   TITBGM100 Billet Big Block w/pickup
$799.99 ea

Racing Valvetrain Parts
MRFMP-4450Comp Cams - No guessing, we use only proven combinations that work!
   Flat Tappet, Solid or Hydraulic
from $165.99
   Hydraulic Roller
from $259.99
   Solid Roller Small and Big Block Cams Shelf Stock
starting at $299.99
   Solid Roller Small and Big Block Custom Grind
starting at $309.99
   (4/7 swap)
add $50
Comp Hydraulic Roller LiftersLifters
   858-16 Flat Tappet Hydraulic SBC
$93.99 st
   813-16 Flat Tappet Mechanical SBC
$99.99 st
   853-16 Hydraulic Roller SBC
$455.99 st
   854-16 Hydraulic Roller BBC
$464.99 st
Mechanical Roller Lifters
ISKY EZ Roller OptionISKY Red Zone Lifters
   Red Zone Roller Lifters
starting at $549.99 st
   New EZ Roll Option (No Needle Bearings)
add $150
MRFMP-4450Crower Severe Duty Roller Lifters
(Hippo option extra)
  CRO66200 SBC
from $379.99
  CRO66201 BBC
from $379.99
Comp Roller Lifters  
   COM818-16 SBC Oil Pressure Feed
$324.99 st
   COM819-16 BBC Oil Pressure Feed
$324.99 st
   COM883-16 BBC Tall Oil Pressure Feed
$474.99 st
Racing Valve Springs
PAC Valve Springs
Manley Nextek Valve Springs 
   MAN221424-16 Double
$269.99 st
   MAN221447-16 Triples
$424.99 st
   MAN221448-16 Triples
$434.99 st
Comp Valve Springs
   COM996-16 Double w/Dampner
$309.99 st
   COM947-16 Triples
$329.99 st
   COM948-16 Triples
$329.99 st
PAC Racing Valve Springs
Premium  "Pacaloy"  Material
   1215 LS1 Beehive/Ovate
$139.99 st
   1224 1.625" OD .850 Lift Double
$259.95 st
   1225 1.550" OD .800 Lift Double
$259.95 st
   1247 1.645" OD .800 Lift Triples
$309.95 st
   1248 1.645" OD .900 Lift Triples
$309.95 st
Valve Spring Retainers
Comp Titanium Retainers
$259.99 st
$259.99 st
$259.99 st
Comp Tool Steel Lightweight Retainers
Good Alternative to Titanium!
$139.99 st
$139.99 st
$139.99 st
Manley Titanium Retainers 
   MAN23640-16 Double Spring
   MAN23653-16 Triple Spring

Valve Locks
Comp Locks
   COM611-16 10 Degree
$22.99 ea
   COM613-16 10 Degree
$27.99 ea
   COM601-16   7 Degree
$9.99 ea

Lash Caps
Comp Lash Caps
   COM620-16 5/16
$35.99 st
   COM621-16 11/32
$35.99 st
   COM622-16 3/8
$35.99 st


MRFMP-4450Pushrods that flex cost you valuable power!       "Fix it Here"
  • Straight Wall, Single Taper or Double Taper
  • Available .080/.105/.125/.135/.165
    Wall Thickness

Lukovich Chrome Moly 5/16, 3/8, 7/16

from $6.95 ea
from $19.99 ea

Roller Rockers
Comp Roller Rockers 
   COM1304-16 SBC
$289.99 st
   COM1320-16 BBC
$297.99 st
   COM19005-16 SBC Ultra Gold
$269.99 st
   COM19021-16 BBC Ultra Gold
$289.99 st
Crane Roller Rockers
   CRN11746-16 SBC
$189.99 st
   CRN13744-16 BBC
$189.99 st
Jesel Shaft Rockers 
   KSS605050 SS Series
from $750.00
   KCS04729 CS Series
from $1187.50
T&D Shaft Rockers 
   SC1000 Sport Comp Series SBC
$779.99 st
   TD2004 Sport Comp Series BBC
$949.99 st
Belt Drives
Comp Belt Drives
  • feature double lip seals
  • easy end play adjustment
$505.99 ea
$783.99 ea


Jesel Belt Drives

  • Adjustable end play
  • Remove cam through cover
$853.99 ea
$957.99 ea

Timing Chains
Pro Gear Timing Chain & Gear Sets
  • Torrington Thrust Bearing
  • Double Roller
Avon Pro Gear Timing Chain Sets
starting at $89.99 ea

Stud Girdles

Jomar CNC Stud Girdle

Eliminate stud flex and help prevent stud breakage by stabilizing your valve train.


Jomar Stud Girdles including locks from $189.99

Racing Engine External Parts
Racing Mini Starters
GPE Racing Mini StartersGPE Mini Starters
  • Hi-Torque
  • Premium 4340 Gears
  • Built to Last!
  • Used by Warren Johnson
  GPEP00011.9 HP Mini Hi-Torque
$209.99 ea
  GPEP00023.0 HP Mini Hi-Torque
$269.99 ea
CSR Mini StartersCSR Mini Starters
  CSR1001.6 HP Mini Hi-Torque
  CSR100P2.4 Hp Mini Hi-Torque
Lukovich Mini Starters
  LUK35001.9 HP Mini Hi-Torque
  LUK35033.0 HP Mini Hi-Torque

Billet Rail Valve Covers
Billet Aluminum Valve CoversBillet Aluminum Valve Covers
  • .090" wall
  • 5/16" CNC Billet Rails
  LUK70021 Small Block Chevy
from $149.99
  LUK70041 Big Block Chevy
from $159.99
 - add billet oil fill cap
 - add -12 Vacuum Pump Bung
Harmonic Dampers
ATI Super DamperATI Super Dampers The patented ATI Super Damper is the only damper designed exclusively for high performance engines
  • Eliminates torsional crankshaft vibrations
  • Exceeds SFI 18.1 specs
  • Laser engraved 360 timing marks
  • Black zinc chromate finished
SBC Internal
starting at $299.99
BBC Internal
starting at $299.99
(Lightweight Aluminum Balancers Available - Call)
  • Race Models SFI Approved
BBC Street 8" Neutral Balance
$121.99 ea
BBC Race 7" SFI Neutral Balance
$189.99 ea
SBC Street 7" Neutral Balance
$96.99 ea
SBC Race 7" SFI Neutral Balance
$172.99 ea

Spark Plug Wires
MRFMP-4450Moroso 8.5mm Wire Sets
  MOR73607Ultra 40's 8.5mm SBC HEI
from $151.99
  MOR73615Ultra 40's 8.5mm BBC HEI
from $151.99
MSD Ignition Wires
  MSD Blue 8mm
from $53.99
  MSD Red/Black 8.5mm
from $74.99
Mallory Ignition Wires
  MALMallory Pro Side Winder
from $64.84

AluminumSheetmetal Oil Pans
Aluminum Oil Pan Billet Rails
  • Performance Kick Out with 1 way Screen
  • Excellent Oil Control under hard braking
  • Up to 5" Stroke (BBC)
  • .090" wall
  • 5/16" CNC Billet Rails
  • Over 10 yrs of development and improvement
  LUK-21245 Small Block Chevy
  LUK-20370 Big Block Chevy
Fuel Pumps
MRFMP-4450Magnafuel Pro Star Pumps
  • 2,000 HP + @ 28psi.
  • Compatible with 12- and 16-V electrical systems
  • For use with both alcohol and gasoline racing fuels
  • Most Popular Nitrous Power Adder Pump
MRFMP-4401Pro Star 500
$413.99 ea
MRFMP-4450Pro Star 500 w/integrated filter
$565.99 ea
Barry Grant Fuel Pumps
BGG171200Barry Grant 220 extended duty
$274.99 ea
BGG170002Barry Grant 280
$299.99 ea
BGG170001Barry Grant 400

$414.99 ea

Holley Fuel Pumps
HLY12-709525 GPH
$456.99 ea
HLY12-125125 GPH
$179.95 ea
HLY12-150150 GPH
$205.99 ea
MRFMP-4450MSD Igntion
MSD6200 Capactitive Discharge Multi Spark
$184.99 ea
MSD6420 Capactitive Discharge Multi Spark - 6AL w/rev limiter
$219.00 ea
MSD7531Programmable Digital-7 Plus with Slew and Data Logging
$896.99 ea
MSD8600Flying Magnet Crank Trigger Kits SBC
$267.99 ea
MSD8620Flying Magnet Crank Trigger Kits BBC
$279.99 ea
Front Drive Distributor and Crank Trigger Combo Kits
from $699.99 ea
MSD5520Street Fire CDI Ignition
$149.99 ea
MRFMP-4450Pro Systems Carburetors
  • Wet Flowed
  • Tuned for your combination
4150 Custom950 CFM 4150 Pro Calibrated
from $690.99
4500 Custom11/1200 CFM 4500 Dominator
Pro Calibrated
from $999.99
PRSO-1300XE1300 CFM Wet Flow Calibrated Dominator
$1020.99 ea
PRSO-1600XE1600 CFM Wet Flow Calibrated Dominator, Excellant for 600ci+ 1x4
$1695.99 ea
Holley Carburetors
HLYO-80496-14150 HP Series 950 CFM Four Barrel Race Carburetor
$704.99 ea
HLYO-8896-1 4500 Dominator HP 1050 CFM Four Barrel Race Carburetor - 3 Circuit

$709.99 ea

Demon Carburetors
DEM2563010DR Race Demon 4150 Style -1000 CFM downleg boosters
$725.95 ea
DEM9728020DR  King Demon RS Model 1090CFM, Annular Discharge, Removable Sleeves
$1109.95 ea
DEM8728020DRKin Demon 1095 CFM
$969.99 ea
DEM8838020DRKing Demon RS Model 1190CFM
$969.99 ea
Vacuum Pumps
 Moroso Vacuum Pump Kits
"An Alcohol Engines Best Friend"
  • Complete 3 and 4 Vane Kits
  • Over 50 Big and Small Block Kits to Choose From
  • Available with Mr. Gasket or Moroso Pumps
  • 100's of Specialty Vacuum Pump Parts and Brackets in Stock
LUKVP3Moroso 3 Vane Pump Kit
$789.99 ea
LUKVP4Moroso 4 Vane Pump Kit
$839.99 ea
LUKVPENHANCEDMoroso 4 Enhanced Vane Pump Kit
$899.99 ea
MOR22640Moroso 3 vane pump only
$385.99 ea
MOR22641Moroso 4 vane pump only
$439.99 ea

Dry Sump Kits
Dry Sump KitLukovich Dry Sump Kits Eliminate the guess work and let us put together a proven combination of parts, properly sized and ready to bolt on for you.
  • Improved oil control
  • Availabe in multiple stages - Big Blocks or Small Blocks
  • Build your own combo
  • Kits come complete and ready to assemble
  • Available with Moroso or Peterson Pumps
  • Over 50 Big and Small Block Kits to choose from
4 Stage Kit with Pan $3195.95
5 Stage Kit with Pan $3995.95

Aluminum Radiators
Wysco Aluminum RadiatorsWysco Aluminum Radiators
Call for sizing, models available for most cars! Prices from $149.99
Nitrous Systems
NOS and SpeedTech Nitrous Systems MRFMP-4450
NOS02462NOS Fogger Kits$829.99
NOS02152NOS 4500 Plate Kits $719.99
 Speedtech Liquid Force 90 Degree Nozzle$771.99
CSR Electric Water Pumps
CSR900BBC Water Pump$303.99
CSR900DRPKITBBC Drag Kit $383.99
CSR901SBC Water Pump$282.99
CSR901LT1SBC LT1 Water Pump$184.99
CSR900HVBBC High Volume$364.99
CSR901HVSBC High Volume$364.99

Racing Engine Tools

Valvetrain Tools
 LSM Stud Mount Valve Spring Remover
  • SAFE removal of even the biggest and baddest springs.
  • Easier to work with than cantilver style holds spring in place and frees both of your hands.
  • Maintains spring angle better making it much easier to get locks in place correctly.
from $199.95 ea
MOR62370  Moroso Spring Remover
$81.99 ea
MOR62372  Moroso Adaper/Kit for Jesel Shaft Rockers
$52.99 ea
LSMPC-100 LSM Spring Pressure Checker, Dial Type
$229.95 ea
MOR62388  Moroso Spring Pressure Checker Beam Style
$99.99 ea

LSM Valvetrain Torque Wrench

  • non-calibrated
$69.99 ea
LSMTQ100-SETLSM Valvetrain Torque Wrench
  • No more quesswork.
  • Pre-alibrated for Jesel adjuster nuts
  • Clicks when proper torque is reached on adjusters.
  • Fits all sizes of adjuster nuts
$179.95 ea
FullBoreValvetain Adjuster Tool - Makes valve adjustments a breeze
$30.99 ea
CSR310CSR Valve Lash Tool Kit - comes complete with both red (exhaust) and blue (intake) handles to easily locate the proper tool during valve lash adjustments. No more mistakes while thrashing between rounds
$43.99 ea
LSMFL200LSM Valve Lash Tool - Billet hand tool holds both intake and exhaust gauges at the same time
$34.99 ea
COM4919Comp Camshaft Installation Tool

$38.99 ea

Misc Tools
HLY26-68Holley Jet Removal Tool - Prevents jet damage during jet removal
$13.99 ea
HLY36-181Gas Holley Jet Kit - Completed Jet assortment from 64-99 (2 ea)
$49.99 ea
HLY36-201Alky Holley Jet Kit - Completed Jet assortment from 132-200 (2 ea)
$86.99 ea
HLY36-240Holley Air Bleed Kit - Completed Bleed assortment from 20-79
$191.99 ea
MOR89600Moroso Cylinder Leakage Tester - Keep track of the health of your engine with this easy to use single guage leakdown tester. Large Diameter 3 1/2" Gauge reads in percentage of leakage. STD version
$99.99 ea
ALL10123Engine Lift Plate
$12.99 ea
NOS15991NOS Tubing Bender - Bend your own fogger lines! Special tIght radius for a clean install
$37.99 ea
LUKSPRSpark Plug Doctor - Plug Reader- Read your plugs like the Pros! Super bright precision made Otto-scope Kit with 10x magnification. Comes with 3 different size view cones and a foam lined case with room for scope plus 8 spark plugs
$195.99 ea
KIT20-1Clutch Cargo Counter Weight Kit
The most complete counter weight kit on the market!
  • 17 groups of 30 fasteners.
  • Range from .1 to 7.6 Grams.
  • Ohaus .1 digital scale
  • Perfect measurements for the clutch racer
$479.99 ea
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